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Nearly 1,500 Farmers & Producers Reject EPA Herbicide Strategy (10-23-23)

2023 Grow for the Green Soybean Yield Challenge Info

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2023 Press Release

2023 GFG Production Inputs

2023 GFG Harvest Report

Producers are asked to contact their county agent at least 7 days before harvest.

Harvest reports are due in the office within 48 hours of harvest.

Production input forms and seed samples are due by Nov. 15
Arkansas Soybean Association Scholarship Opportunity

​The Oliver-Garner Arkansas Soybean Association Memorial Scholarship is open to college juniors and seniors in ag related fields.  The scholarship ($500) is awarded in the spring and fall and is unrestricted.  Students may use it to purchase books or whatever they need it for.

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Get Paid for Planting a Cover Crop

Thanks to a grant from the Walton Family Foundation, the Arkansas Soybean Association is pleased to reimburse 10 producers up to $2400 each for planting a cover crop this fall.

The requirements are 80 acres, answer a short survey (and maybe a follow up one later), and submission of your invoice/receipt for the seed.

Complete this form to enter the program.

There is a lot of ongoing research on cover crops. The initial ROI is seen with reduced soil erosion, protection from wind damage, and easier management of pigweed populations. In time, soil biomass is built to increase soil infiltration, lessen soil compaction, and reduce irrigation timings. Committed cover crop farmers also benefit from fewer herbicide and insecticide treatments and requiring fewer soil nutrient applications.

While experiencing extreme stress or mental illness, it can be difficult to know where or how to find support & relief. There are small steps you can take on your own—but sometimes you may need extra help. 


Press Releases from the American Soybean Association

Grower Groups Cheer Court’s Defense of Science-based Regulation in Chlorpyrifos Ruling (11-2-23)

Soy Growers' Advocacy Efforts Pay Off as Phosphate Fertilizer Duties Slashed (11-2-23)

Planning a Career in Ag?
High School Seniors, Apply Now for Soy Scholarship

America’s Soybean Farmers Strongly Oppose 
Spartz Anti-Checkoff Amendment (9-26-23)


Info from the Arkansas Department of Ag

Arkansas Voluntary Smoke
Management Guidelines
for Row Crop Burning


Grow for the Green Soybean Yield Challenge
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2018 results can be located in the booklet linked below.


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